Monday, 23 March 2015

Beating Cancer Yet Again - Walking The Walk

Like many others out there, I like to have a good moan, especially when I feel I am having the worst day ever or have been struck with a run of bad luck that just wont quit. Also like many others I am guilty of being selfish when wallowing in self pity and failing to recognize that there are a million and one other people in this world who are worse off and dealing with harder struggles than me. But just lately that's exactly what I have been doing. I've been angry with the universe and spent many nights wondering how much bad luck can one person get? Why does a person who has done no wrong deserve to be tested so many times? and why do bad things always happen to good people?

For the past few years we have had an uninvited guest in the family.... "Cancer" . For those that know me, you will remember my mum underwent surgery for bowel cancer five or so years back. After what seemed like a lifetime of treatment and recuperation, things went back to "normal" (Whatever that is) and life went on. Then a few years ago it came to light that mum had Endiometrial cancer and again underwent surgery, having a full hysterectomy to remove the tumor. It was around the same time that the doctors also discovered cancer on her liver. Cancer that had been there for so long but had been stunted in its growth from the chemotherapy she had for her previous bowel cancer. Yet again mum underwent surgery, having a liver resection to cut away the cancer. At a simple follow up appointment this year we discovered that life was not done testing us just yet. They discovered 2 groups of cells at the site of the hysterectomy and mum is actually getting ready to undergo a course of radiotherapy in the next few weeks. Life has literally been turned upside down lately and yet mum seems to be more upbeat and positive now than ever before. It is amazing and inspiring to see how positive she is and ready to kick its arse yet another time. Its hard not to get caught up in self pity at times, especially when life gives you one bad hand after the other which is why we are all thinking and acting positively as a family. Facing it head on, together and praying that this will be the last time we have to kick Cancers butt!

For those that don't know, my sister is a district nurse and is often dealing with patients who require end of life care. I honestly can't think of anything harder than dealing with this type of thing all day and having to come home and be faced with it again. I am ever so slightly bias but I think she is amazing, finding the strength to do this and still being my rock and my supportive big sister.

With that in mind I am absolutely bursting with pride that she is challenging herself and taking on a 26 mile walk in the hope of raising vital funds and helping to beat cancer sooner. She is taking part in the 2015 Moonwalk, an event which sees over 17,000 women and men, taking a stand against cancer together and walking through the night on a 26 mile walk in London. She and her fellow nurses are braving the cold and the blisters and taking part in one of Londons most-loved nights! 

I can't join her so it would be incredible if I could help raise some donations for her. Literally every single penny helps in beating something that continues to tear lives apart each and every day. If you have some spare change and would like to donate please click here to be taken to her official Moonwalk sponsorship page. Honestly guys, no donation is too small, please just give what you can and help make a stand against cancer.