Friday, 16 September 2016

A Teenagers Wish List For Christmas

I will most probably be shot for mentioning  the "C" word already but take it from me when you work in retail you realize that its never too early to start thinking about Christmas. With that in mind I figured it was about time I got my butt into gear and started making a dent in the Christmas shopping (however small that dent may be) I must admit when it comes to Christmas I am most definitely an "early bird" and start really early on in the year even bagging as many bargains as I can in the boxing day sales ready to put away for the following  Christmas. This year however most of you who follow my blog will know of the tragedy that hit our family recently. With that and all the extra added stress I never even gave Christmas a second thought so I have been left to now panic at the upcoming holiday and the realization that there are a mere 3 paydays left before the big day.

As I have been collecting bits here and there to hide away, It came to my attention just how much Aalliyahs Christmas list has changed. There was a time when Scooby doo figures and Pop up pirate would have been top of her list. Now it seems to be filled with Games consoles, clothing, make up and every other thing that a teenage girl simply "must" have in their life. I say every year that finding the perfect gifts for her becomes harder and harder but this year Its safe to say I am totally stumped! Beside the obvious requests I have no idea what to get. I do love surprise presents and don't want her knowing each and every gift like so many other teenagers I know. Everyone loves getting surprises right? No matter how old they get.

I thought I'd share just a few things on her wish list this year. I would love to hear what's on your children's Christmas list this year? Do you have a demanding teenager to buy for? How does their list compare to Aalliyahs? I'd love to hear some suggestions and maybe pick up a few tips on what to buy!

Aalliyahs Wish List For Christmas 2016

PS4 - Like most teenagers, a games console is top of her list. She already has an Xbox 360 which she plays less and less nowadays and I think it's used more for watching YouTube videos and connecting with her friends.

Make Up - Ok, so this isn't so much a request from her but more so from me. Every single morning I wake up to go to work and find my make up bag has been raided! So I think its definitely time for her to start her own collection. I do have some favourite brands when it comes to make up. Simply for quality and one of them is Mac Cosmetics. There is a lovely little Mac shop in Bicester Village  so I am hoping to get her some lovely little things to start her collection up.

Clothing - Very wide spectrum here! I feel I know her style enough to be confident in choosing things myself but you can guarantee Ill no doubt be wrong so would rather just get her direction on this one. She has mentioned certain items of clothing in particular such as an Adidas jacket but as for everything else is very vague. She has asked for bomber jackets, leggings, crop tops, skinny jeans... Where do I even start with those? After scoping out a lot of fashion stores I have found a great variety of clothing from Esprit. A great range and definitely on trend.

So... That's the lot! See what I have to work with? Not a lot really. I just hope she starts dropping some more hints from now until December otherwise her present selection will be more like a lucky dip ;)