About Us

I am a 28 year old single mum of one. My daughter Aalliyah, is 10 years of age. We have both lived in Northampton all our lives. I am a huge photography enthusiast, which is something I hope to study further in the near future. I am also a massive horror fan! With a love of the old horror movies! 

Me and Aalliyah x

We both enjoy lots of different activities and absolutely love the outdoors. So weather its long walks on a quiet Sunday or action packed theme park days, we love it.

Aalliyah is a budding artist (in my motherly non bias opinion) so we also enjoy a wide range of crafting and art activities.

We also have a much smaller member of the family :-) Our little hammy.

Nibbles x

Oh and lets not forget the little pooch. She belongs to my sister, but we all seem to have shared custody of her, and I see her daily! Which is more than my other relatives! lol.

Pippin x

We are both always open to new experiences and love exploring new places or trying new things.

Like most mums and daughters, we are extremely close and are like best friends (Almost 100% of the time anyway ;-) lol )