Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Snugg - Review

The Snugg offer a wide range of cases and accessories for all your tablet, Ipad and smart phone needs. So weather it's a case for your kindle or a watch strap for your Ipod nano, The Snugg have got you covered.

Nearly all of us own some form of smart phone and or tablet, which means thousands of units being sold every day. Now with all them top of the range gadgets being sold, repairing them is becoming just as big a business, with America being said to have spent over six billion dollars, just on Iphone repairs and or replacements alone. So if you are going to splash out a Kindle or a new Ipad mini, then its imperative that you buy protection for it! No I don't mean those little rubber things in the foil packets.. I'm talking covers!

I had the pleasure of being able to review a fabulous Ipad cover from "" and they are the best by far that I have seen around anywhere. The particular cover that I reviewed, was a brown leather case for the Ipad 1, which also doubled up a stand, which was perfect for facetiming/skyping and catching up with my favourite shows on iplayer. 

The quality of the cover was absolutely fantastic, very soft leather and with a super soft lining inside, guaranteed to keep your Ipad scratch free.

Along with the brown leather case and stand I also received a fantastic little case that fits perfectly onto your cards headrest, which when teamed with the case lets you take your Ipad anywhere. Perfect for the kids on road trips, they can play games or watch movies, making for an easy ride for mum and dad.

Overall I was extremely pleased with the covers, they were of the highest quality and so simple and easy to use. What's more they are so sure that you will love their products, they also come with a lifetime guarantee!

Fancy getting your hands on some great covers and accessories yourself? Check out the following links to be taken directly to their site.


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