Monday, 19 August 2013

What Does Halloween Mean To You?

When you think of Halloween, what comes to mind? Scary movies? Trick or treating? Costume parties? Those with children will know that preparing for Halloween is as important as preparing for Christmas. Whether you are planning a party for the children or just simply taking them out trick or treating choosing the costume is always the high point of Halloween. My daughter starts planning her costume months before Halloween and will change her mind at least a dozen times before she is settled on a decision.

I remember Halloween being the most exciting night when I was younger. I would go out with my sister collecting sweets and treats and come home to the find the living room had been decorated with glow in the dark stars, moons and witches hats. We would be told scary stories which left me white as a ghost and convinced there was a witch in the kitchen. There would always be a terrifying movie on the TV. Something like Evil Dead or The Thing. Things that children should have never been allowed to watch but it was Halloween so the rules of parenting seem to change.
Things haven’t changed that much with my daughter. I carry on the traditions of Halloween from when I was younger. I decorate our flat for Halloween, we will always watch a few scary movies together and I will always without fail take her trick or treating. We have held Halloween parties before and sometimes the expense can seem to go on forever so it’s a good idea if you are planning a party to try and keep all costs to a minimum. Check out this great article on how to still have a great "Halloween on a budget".
When it comes to choosing an outfit, I always let Aalliyah decide what she wants to be and will gladly try and shop around to find her ideal outfit. More often than not it’s not only used on Halloween night but will used for special Halloween events/days at school also so I am guaranteed to get some good use out of it. I’ve found a few ideas in fancy dress ball’s costume section for girls, and most of the costumes are more light-hearted and fun rather than just being ghost costumes or monsters.

I don’t know if Aalliyah will like any of these specifically, but I am sure we’ll find something that’s not all too limiting, and what’s more, we could even win a prize for "Best Costume" if we post a picture of her in her chosen costume on their Facebook page.

I am still deciding on what to do this Halloween but whatever we choose to do I will make sure it’s “Spook-tacular”!

What do you have planned for this Halloween this year? I would love to hear some of your Halloween traditions.

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