Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Gallery - Back To School

Never mind the six week holiday going fast, for me the past ten years have flew by! Where have those years gone? I can hardly believe that Aalliyah will be starting her final year of primary school tomorrow and then this time next year I will be sending her off to secondary school! When did my tiny, fragile baby become a strong, independent, young lady?

Strong willed, intelligent, independent, beautiful and ambitious are just a few of many words to describe my amazing daughter and I hope she continues to blossom and really succeeds in her final year of primary school. But most of all I hope she makes a lot of wonderful memories this year too as they will stay with her forever!

The Gallery theme this week is "Back To School" Head over to Sticky Fingers Blog and check out the other entries.

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  1. Wow! It will be a big thing for next year! Hope she has fun in her last year of primary school!

  2. Hope she enjoys her last year of primary school.

  3. Hope she enjoys her last year at primary school....
    My eldest started her last year too...I'm dreading next year and her starting secondary school! Eek!

  4. I am with you it goes so so quickly doesnt it xx

  5. Wow, next year will be huge. I hope she has a fantastic final year.

  6. It really does fly by, doesn't it! Hope she enjoys her last year of primary x


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