Saturday, 23 November 2013

Forgotten Birthdays

With so much emphasis right now on Christmas and finding the perfect gift a lot of those December born people seem to get a lot less thought put into finding the perfect gift. I am a December baby and have both my nieces and brother in laws birthday in the same week as my own. Yes there are plenty of Christmas gifts in the high street but I love birthdays as they are all about that one person and I love seeking out unique and sometimes novelty gifts. I am a sucker for personalized items too! There is nothing more unique than a gift tailored just for you and there is a lot less chance of them selling it if they are not too keen! ;-) (Not that my family would ever dream of doing such a thing- I hope!)

Do you put more thought into birthday or Christmas presents? Or do you like me, always like to surprise people with interesting gifts? My sisters birthday has been recently and given that she has a new found love of wine (something she barely touched before now) I was looking for a wine related gift, maybe a personalized wine glass or a funky wine bottle stopper, something really interesting and unique and I came across this fabulous wine cork cage from Homewetbar which stores all of your corks in a fun and decorative way as well as acting as a funky wine bottle holder also. 

I truly believe that it is always better to give than receive. No matter who you are buying for or for what reason, there is no greater feeling than watching someones delight when unwrapping a wonderful gift that you have taken the time and effort to ensure that its something unique and interesting and ultimately something that they will love.

Do you enjoy putting thought into peoples gifts? Or are you one of these people that go out the day before and just grab the first thing you see? What fun and novelty items have you given or received in the past? I'd love to know :-)

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