Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My Time With New Look Bingo

As a single parent I always have the best time with my daughter Aalliyah. Never did she make me feel like she’s a responsibility or a burden. I have to manage my home and work life and sometimes, I its easy to get stressed thinking about all my worries and issues, but Aalliyah always brings a smile to my face just by talking to me and making me laugh.

Aalliyah’s school decided on taking the students on a residential trip for the weekend (The first overnight trip she'd been on). I didn’t want to hold her back from the trip just because I’ll miss her. So, I had to straighten up and allow her to go and have fun. Staying at home without Aalliyah is a task for me so I called my sister over to my place to keep me company and have a girls night in. My sister and I decided to do something different which we hadn’t tried together before. She suggested the idea of playing an online bingo game. After a quick Google we came to a site called New Look Bingo and it showed me all the offers, welcome bonuses and promotions available. Initially I was hesitant in signing up and depositing any cash on a site I hadn't been on before.

I did not want to deposit right away so instead just tried out the free bingo online games in the 90 ball free bingo room. I tried and quite liked the game for starters and the welcome bonus was something which grabbed my attention. All we have to do is deposit £10 and we get to play with £75. The theme of the site is very well presented and enticing. We went on to play more games by just spending £10. We got quite drawn into the fun and thrill of the game we hadn't noticed how much time had flew by.

Even now after Aalliyah is back I still play a game or two on the New Look Bingo site after putting her to sleep. This site is a genuine stress buster for me on a quiet evening with a glass of wine. You never know, I may well hit the jackpot one of these days too...

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