Sunday, 16 August 2015

Big Girls Run Too Ya'Know

I posted a video this morning that got such an amazing response and such lovely support from people that I decided to share with you lovely lot and let you know what happened and why I decided to post. I have recently started to introduce running into my weight loss regime and as someone who has never ran much more than a bath before I am being careful not to run before I can walk (no pun intended) I have downloaded the coach to 5k app and I am really enjoying it . One day in particular I was out jogging when some insensitive moron decided to throw some comments my way about my not so secret larger size. Anyway here's my reaction to said events and why I decided that day was not going to be the day that the bullies won.

I can't thank you enough for all your lovely support and if you would be so kind as to give it a like, a share or even subscribe to hear more from me in the future please do so..


  1. Good on you for not letting idiots like that get to you!
    I am struggling with my weight and one of the reasons I have never wanted to go out running is fear of what others think, but these days when I see anyone overweight exercising, my initial reaction is GOOD ON YOU, GO FOR IT!

    They are making the effort to get healthy so should be praised not mocked, we should all be supportive, so now I no longer care what people think and I love how you are getting this message out there!

  2. Good for you hun! There are complete morons in this world and all that matters is you are thinking about your health and doing something to be positive and look after yourself. The running will get easier as you keep at it so good luck and keep going! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  3. Ugh people can be so horrible, good on you for rising above it. I'm really impressed that you are taking steps to improve your health, and I should take a leaf out of your book. Becky x #bestandworst


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