Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday Is Caption Day! - #Satcap

Well it's Saturday again.. So here is my #Satcap entry for this week! I really don't know what possesses Aalliyah to do these random things, but she wouldn't be Aalliyah without her weird and wacky personality :-)

Do you have a funny caption to go with this picture? If so I'd love to hear it! Why not head over to Mammasaurus where you can check out loads more entries and have fun captioning!


  1. There, this should cover the antlers, they'll never know I'm Bambi now!

  2. I know I said my ears were cold but this is just taking the biscuit!

  3. I 'gloved' having this pic taken!

  4. Do my ears look big in this ?!


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