Friday, 3 May 2013

Delicious - Magazine Review

Delicious magazine offers readers so much more than your typical "foodie" magazine. Not only is it bursting with mouthwatering recipes and meal ideas, its also packed full of indispensable articles from healthy eating to the top ten must have kitchen gadgets, not to mention all the stunning food photography! This is a definite must have magazine for anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen. 

At first I was concerned that like a lot of other magazines in a similar genre, the magazine would be full of adverts and that when it came down to it, the actual content would be a tiny amount. I couldn't have been more wrong. Yes, there were adverts but these were few and far between, and each one relevant to the magazines niche. 
I fully recommend this magazine, whether you cook a little or a lot, there is something for everyone inside!

Why not head over to "Lets Subscribe" where you can subscribe to this and many other magazines and even bag yourself a massive saving in the process! The cover price of this magazine is £3.80 and worth every penny. But you can save up to 31% through a 12 month subscription.


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