Friday, 31 October 2014

The End Of An Era

I guess I should start of this post with a huge... "HAPPY HALLOWEEN"!!

What do you have planned tonight? Trick or treating? A party? Scary movie night? Or do you just see Halloween as another Friday night? This Halloween really is the end of an era for me. It is the first year where I will not be partaking in the traditional night of getting Aalliyah all dressed up and taking her out trick or treating. It was always such an exciting night for her. I used to love watching the excitement on her face all day building up to Halloween night, much like the excitement of Christmas eve! I would paint her face in some "undead and bloody" fashion and we would venture outside. It didn't matter that it was freezing, dark and sometimes raining . She would go door to door braving all the elements filling up her goody bag. More often than not her cousin would come along and they always had a tradition of going home emptying all their loot and setting up there own swap shop. Two little business people exchanging sweets and chocolate like stocks and bonds.

Aalliyah is 12 in February and while there are many kids that still go trick or treating her age (and older in some cases) its clear she is now just too old for the whole trick or treating experience. I find it really sad as it is just another reminder that she is inevitably growing up. Having said that I cannot be sad for too long, as she is growing up into a wonderful young lady and her unselfish nature meant tonight she wanted nothing more than to stay home and give out sweeties to all the children that will come knocking. She was as excited to do this than she had been to go out trick or treating herself in previous years and it was so lovely to see. Unfortunately I am working and wont be back until later on this evening so will be unable to enjoy this with here, so she is off down her nans tonight for "operation trick or treater's." 

What are you doing tonight? What ever it is I hope you have a wonderful time and above all else have fun and be safe!

Have a wonderful Halloween.


  1. Ahh, my boys are only 4 and 1 so I've many years of Halloween fun to come yet... Although I remember when I didn't want to dress up any more my mum still donned a witches costume to hand out sweets to trick or treaters for years afterwards. It embarrassed me no end at the time but looking back I think it's a fab idea! :-) Sadly tonight I'm working the graveyard shift at work so it'll just be my husband and the boys at home!

  2. Awww my daughters are only 1 & 3 so we plan to start taking them trick or treating next year however we are still involving them, dressing them up for the day, carving pumpkins and there will be plenty of ghost stories later before bed. I have to say though, I don't look forward to the teenagers who use it as an excuse to throw eggs at residents windows :( xx



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