Thursday, 16 April 2015

Our Easter Break - Made #BetterWithCake

It's movie night 
The popcorn is popped
And there's a big slab of cheesecake
Strawberry topped

The sun is shining
It's time for a stroll
So pack up the sarnies
And the swiss roll

Its Easter Sunday
And time for our roast dinner
Chocolate gateau for afters
Is always a winner

Time to get creative
With an afternoon of art
When the doodling is done
Enjoy tea and a bakewell tart

A day of shopping in town
Just Aally and me
A pit stop for some coffee
And a gorgeous brownie

Time for some pampering
Just me and my girl
So out come the face packs
And the Viennese Whirls

A weekend away 
Just my sister and me
Always stopping for cake
And a refreshing pot of tea

Browsing in Harrods
And admiring the price
I'd need to remortgage 
Just to afford a slice

Afternoon Tea 
With some friends after school
With a tower of temptation
To make anyone drool

I love school holidays
So many memories to make
And whatever you do
It'll be "Better With Cake"

We had an amazing few weeks over Easter filled with lots of fun and laughter. From days out in the park with Aalliyah to a weekend away in the big city with my sister. We shared some amazing moments together as  well as some pretty amazing cakes...

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Did you enjoy your Easter holidays? I'd love to hear what you got up to.


  1. Fabulous poem. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  2. OMG - too many mentions of fabulous cakes in this poem/post! My mouth is watering! Chocolate gateaux on Easter Sunday is perfect - I always remember having black forest gateaux on Easter Sunday at my gran's when I was little x

  3. Looks like you had a lovely easter break and obviously everything is made better with cake :)

  4. Love the way you structure your posts, the pictures are fab.. This certainly made me laugh:

    "Browsing in Harrods
    And admiring the price
    I'd need to remortgage
    Just to afford a slice"

    Looks like you had a fun filled Easter, jealous of all the cake!
    Sam xx

  5. Ooooh yes!! SO much cake! I love a good slice of chocolate gateaux, looks like the holidays were filled with loads of fun (and frosting!)


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