Monday, 20 April 2015

Stepping Into Study

When people ask that age old question "If you could go back in time and change something what would it be?", my answer is always the same. I would have gone all the way with my education. I wasn't a bad student and actually remember getting some pretty decent grades but I was young, naive and thought I knew better so ended up leaving school not having sat my exams. Something I have always wanted to do is get some form of formal qualifications under my belt since leaving school without any. Now don't get me wrong as much as I love my job (at times), working in retail is not something I saw myself doing long term and it is far from being a passion of mine. 

I have a huge interest in delving into the world of photography. It has always been an ambition of mine to study photography and one which has quite often been scoffed at by people around me. Maybe that's one of the reasons I have put off doing anything about it for so long, but if these past few years have taught me anything its that you should do what makes you happy right now. Don't put things off and don't be too scared to just go for it! With this in mind I have been scouring the local college website recently and found some interesting courses I would be keen to enroll on. I am eager to start of with some access courses to ease me in to the world of studying and get some basic qualifications behind me before moving onto a more specific course type.

Reading through the courses really excites me. I have always wanted to make a career out of something I enjoy doing just for the love of it. I love pictures (Taking them more than posing for them) although my large roll of selfies on Facebook would say different. I love the thought of capturing magical moments for someone and giving them wonderful memories that they can treasure forever. Now as much as I love snapping away on my smartphone, I think a decent camera is definitely on the cards if I do enroll on one of these courses and I am thinking that If i do take some access courses beforehand then what better way to reward myself if when I pass than a new camera? As I will be just starting out I haven't got a huge list of requirements when looking for a camera, just something tough, compact and purse friendly. I have seen a few decent cameras that fit the bill and the Panasonic Lumix Waterproof Camera really stood out for me. Its a really durable camera which given that I have dropped my phone a million times is a must for me. Its cute, compact and really affordable too and with the added benefit of being waterproof , even swimming selfies are not out of the question :)

I am hoping to call into the college at some point in the next few weeks to start the study ball rolling so will of course keep you all posted on the outcome.

I would be keen to hear from other late students who have studied or are currently in adult education. Have you taken a course later in life? 

**This post has been written by myself in collaboration with Panasonic.


  1. ah photography is something I have always enjoyed but sadly never had the money for a decent camera to see what I am capable of!


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