Friday, 1 May 2015

The A - Z Of Me

After seeing many bloggers taking part in the A-Z of me challenge, I decided to give it a go myself as I saw it as a great way of sharing a little more insight into our little world..

So here goes ..

A is for Aalliyah. The ultimate love of my life and my best friend.

B is for Black Ops . Just one of my guilty pleasures. I love playing Xbox with Aalliyah (even if I am ridiculously bad at it)

C is for Cancer. Something that we have had to face as a family on far too many occasions. My mum has battled it numerous times and is currently finishing up treatment to kick its butt once more.

D is for Dinner. Yes I am one of those annoying people that snap away at meal times and share my food with the world. Because I am following the weight watchers plan I am often instagramming my meals for my fellow weight watching followers,

E is for Emma. That's me! Emma Louise (of course)

F is for Fitbit. I have just treated myself to a Fitbit charge watch. I am logging all my activity and really trying to up my mileage with my walking.

G is for Gordon Ramsay. Anyone that knows me with know I am a bit of a Gordon Ramsay NUT! Totally in love with him and his shows. I had my day made a while back when he tweeted and followed me on Twitter!

H is for Hell's Kitchen. One of my all time favorite shows! I literally plan my whole week around settling down to this! #shutitdown

I is for Irish Lotto. Something I have always been interested in playing. I have always been put off at the thought of having to go into a betting shop but now I know you can buy lottery tickets online I've played it for the next 5 weeks. So keep them fingers crossed for me! 

J is for Jam tarts. Love them but its always the apricot ones that seem to be left in the packet.

K is for Kicking the habit. I used to be a smoker (Quite a heavy one in fact) But have been smoke free for about 4 years now and have never looked back.

L is for Love. Something I finally feel open to. After being on my own for so many years I finally feel comfortable at the prospect of a new romance.

M is for Minecraft . This game quite literally took over my house and much like my slight COD obsession I am quite the Minecraft lover. Seriously , You wanna see the excitement of finding diamonds after a hard days mining.. Too far?

N is for Nicky. My amazing big sister who I admire and love with all my heart. I honestly couldn't wish for a better sister. She is my rock and my best friend.

O is for Ordinary Lies. A brilliant program on BB1 recently. I am a big TV/movie lover. This was a great series and if you didn't get a chance to watch it then you should definitely check it out on iPlayer.

P is for Photography. Something I have always dreamed about studying further and only just had the confidence to even think about going for it. Looking into further study at the moment and hoping to pursue my hobby and turn it into something more professional.

Q is for Quorn. I hold my hands up . I am a fully fledged carnivore and I love my meat. But I have also (since joining weight watchers) found a new love for Quorn. It makes a pleasant change and I love the mince in particular.

R is for Running. Something I have always assumed I could never do, but you know what? Since losing weight and keeping up with my fitness I do often have an urge to run. Granted, I can barely run a mile and at such a slow pace but nevertheless.. I run.

S is for Snake. My little sidekick is such an entertainer she has recently made her own Youtube channel. She is now know to everyone by Aally the snake. She makes me laugh so much with her weird and wonderful videos.

T is for Toys R Us. It's where I work. I started out nearly 2 years ago as a Christmas temp and was offered a permanent position shortly after.

U is for Unfriended. A new film which is due in the cinemas very soon and one that I am very keen to go and see. It looks like a great movie. I am a huge horror fan so anything dark or sinister wins my vote.

V is for Venison. Something I had gone my whole life without trying until recently. I absolutely love venison burgers at the minute. They are just divine and so lean. Absolutely no fat and so low in points for us Weight Watchers.

W is for Weight Watchers (Of course) I decided to join weight watchers a couple of years ago after tipping the scales at just under 20 stone! I decided enough was enough and needed to do something about it. I have since lost 5 stone. I have a long way to go and it certainly has its ups and downs but its a lifestyle change and I am in it for the long haul.

X is for Xbox. As I mentioned before its a guilty pleasure of mine. Not only for gaming but I have all my apps on there too. In particular Netflix which is also another love of my life.

Y is for YouTube. As I mentioned before Aally has her own channel and I am such a YT addict . I can sit for hours on end watching anything from hair tutorials to science experiments. I am hoping to start my own channel soon and delve into the world of vlogging.

Z is for Zumba. Something I have never tried but have been invited to go to next week. I have a feeling I may pass out after ten minutes so wish me luck.

So there you have it. The A-Z of me. I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me and if you feel inspired to write your very own A-Z do let me know so I can pop over and have a read.

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