Monday, 10 June 2013

Clean Up By Clearing Out

When it comes to buying gifts, weather its for a birthday or Christmas, I much prefer buying for younger children. I loved it when Aalliyah was younger, say 4 or 5 years old as she was so easy to buy for. Anything pleased her no matter how small. I have to say I am very lucky to have such an appreciative daughter. Even though she is now ten years old she is grateful for any and all gifts received. Obviously as she has got older her taste has gotten a little more expensive and her wishlists now always seem to include the latest gadget or game. Her most desired item right now is a mobile phone. It seems she is one of the few poor deprived children left in the school that doesn't own one! What will social services think!! ;-)
I never really buy Aalliyah many expensive gifts throughout the year or for no particular reason which is why she is so appreciative on her birthday or at Christmas when she gets something extra special. I love this because so many children are brought up not wanting for anything. I know kids younger than ten who have the latest Iphone, laptop and more, which in turn makes them unappreciative with anything they receive. 

Anyway.. With all the technology that's out there there will always be a new phone or games console coming out. I am sure that I am not alone when I say how frustrating it is to buy a games console only to learn of an updated model being released just a few short months after I've purchased it. I have come to learn that these sorts of items never completely lose their value and there will always be a market for them. I sell things regularly and games, consoles, mobiles phones etc are the easiest thing to sell.

I can guarantee that nearly all of us will have at least one old item laying around the house somewhere gathering dust. Maybe an old mobile phone or computer game? So if you;re thinking "Where can I sell my DS?" or "How much is my old PlayStation worth?" Don't just leave it there in the back of the cupboard , clear the cobwebs, dig it out and make a few spare pennies for yourself. There are places in your local high street, like cash converters who can offer on the spot cash for various items, especially electronic items, so if you're looking for some quick cash then these places are your best bet. These places do tend to give you a slightly lower rate than selling online. If you are not in a huge rush for the money i'd recommend getting online to sell your items. How about listing them on Ebay? (Take the listing/sellers/paypal fees into account when selling on Ebay)

Another great site to use us Music Magpie who offer decent rates for things like computer games, consoles, mobile phones and more. Which ever way you choose to sell your items just make sure you do! There must be thousands of pounds worth of old, unused electronics, just laying around, forgotten about and unused in peoples homes. It's not always easy for us mums and dads to get our kids the latest things on the market, but at least if you cash in on your old gadgets and gizmos you can put a little extra cash back into your pocket!

*Please see individual websites for selling details/regulations.


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