Monday, 10 June 2013

One Woman's Trash..

As most of you are aware I am on on a weight loss journey. So far my grand total is 61lbs lost which is amazing but it's definitely beginning to become a strain on the old purse strings. Obviously I am over the moon at such fantastic results and although I still have a long way to go, losing such a substantial amount of weight means lots of new clothing being bought. I am finding it difficult to keep replacing certain wardrobe essentials each time I drop a few inches from my body so I am really trying to keep the spending to a minimum.

I said right from the start that my ultimate treat for reaching my goal weight would be a huge shopping spree to celebrate and I know I will be bursting with joy when I am able to slip my slender self into a nice pair of G Star jeans or a slinky little black dress. Until then though I am making do with the bare necessities when it comes to clothing.

As a result of the weight loss I found my wardrobe was overflowing with clothing which no longer fitted me and with them all being in good condition I decided they were too good to just throw away and I was going to make a few quid out of them if I could. My first thought was Ebay. Having used them previously I was aware of how things worked on the site and felt confident I could get a sale on there. Obviously when selling on Ebay you need to take all the relevant fees into account when deciding if its the best place to sell your items. If after the fees and charges it works out to still be financially beneficial to sell on Ebay then go for it! Millions of items sell every day on there so your almost sure to get a sale. If its not really worth your while selling on there then you will be pleased to know that its not the only place to sell your clothes. You have all heard of Music Magpie right? The place that buys your old dvds, cd, phones etc? But.. Did you know they also buy your old clothes too? They give great rates especially with designer labels. Another great thing with them is they offer a free posting/courier service so you are not troubled with posting and packaging problems/charges.

Failing being able to sell online, then car boots are always a winner. Whats more you are more likely to sell bulk/job lots at car boots especially if they are all of the same size. There are hundred of car boots held every weekend, just search in Google to find your nearest.

Whatever you do don't just chuck them away. Earn a few pound from your old clothing and put it towards something special. I made a tidy little sum from a bundle of clothing which was just too big for me. I am going to put it towards my big shopping spree as a reward for reaching my goal weight.


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