Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cookie Press Review - The Craft Company

Biscuits will always be my choice when I need something quick and easy to bake. Whether its for Aalliyahs class or a rainy day activity for her to do. Biscuits can be any flavor with almost anything thrown into the mix. I love that you can literally have thousands of combinations. Whats more Aalliyah has so much fun when it comes to using cookie cutters and other tools to make random shaped biscuits. 

We were so excited to try out the Cookie Press from The Craft Company. It's a very simple concept. You simply fill the tube with your dough, pop in one of the 12 provided design discs and you're ready to go. I was able to fill the tube really easy, it wasn't fiddly or confusing. You simply unscrew and change the design disc as and when needed. It has a comfort grip handle which you press until you hear a click and it presses out a lovely shaped cookie. Some of the shapes are harder to master than the others and It does take a little bit of finessing to get the technique right but once you have the knack you can make lots of different shaped cookies in no time and at great ease. I made things harder for myself by using parchment paper as I couldn't for the life of me find my cookie trays. It still works but doesn't always stick well to the paper so sometimes wont form the shape and drop off the end. Even Aalliyah found it easy enough to use which was great as she loved getting involved.

I think this is a fantastic product and at under £11 its a bargain! Definitely a must for any kitchen. I can't wait to use it again. Fancy getting your hands on one yourself then head over to to The Craft Company where you will find lot more items at great prices. So if you need cake decorations, cake making equipment or even the ingredients, they have got you covered.


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