Thursday, 3 October 2013

Gourmet Meals.. From A Microwave?

I love it when I have the chance to go to a nice restaurant and indulge in some top quality dishes. Being able to pick something sumptuous from the high class menu and enjoy every morsel because you know tomorrow you will be back to the bog standard quick meals you are so used to grabbing in between parents evenings, work, hair appointments or what ever else life throws at you. Being on Weight Watchers means that not only am I watching what I eat, but I am also planning my meals for the week ahead. I do try to be adventurous and try new recipes but half the time I just simply do not have enough minutes on the clock to indulge in a recipe that is going to take longer than 30 mins.

Here is a wonderful recipe idea.. Salmon and prawn crumble. Sounds devine doesn't it? I must admit when I heard the name I immediately thought "No, too complicated and time consuming". But what If I told you this gorgeous twist on the standard fish pie could be easily made using a microwave? I am not talking about those 2 minute meals where you pop a few holes in the film and then zap it, I am talking about actually creating a 5 star meal with a microwave and minimal effort.

In this video celebrity chef Jo Pratt shows you how to prepare this fishy delight using a Panasonic combination microwave oven.

With so many delicious meals you are able to cook from scratch in half the time,  what will you make?

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