Monday, 28 October 2013

My Big Night In

The X-factor has recently returned to our screens which for me means one thing.. Christmas is well and truly on the way. With the sub zero temperatures outside, the nights drawing in at 4 o'clock and the return of some great Saturday night TV many of us are ditching the girls night out plans and making do with a night in front of the goggle box. Since becoming a parent I find that I don't necessarily go out as much as some of my friends who don't have children, but surprisingly that doesn't bother me in the slightest. People (without children) always ask me how I cope without going out all the time! Quite easily actually as I can still find happiness and fulfilment without going out every single weekend. It’s so annoying when people assume because you have children and commitments and choose not to spend every free night hitting the town that you are somehow missing out. I love a night out with the girls, granted it doesn't happen very often but its makes it much more enjoyable when we do meet up and go out together.

Now as much as I love a good night out, I love nothing more than my home comforts. Whether it’s getting the girls round for a catch up with some good food and a bottle of fizz or simply vegging out with Aalliyah and catching up with some latest movies. I must admit the latter seems to happen the most regular!  We are always back and forth from Blockbuster, popcorn and DVD's in hand.

I am a huge movie buff so when it comes to choosing between going out on the town and fighting frostbite or staying indoors with the heating on, some good comfort food and the latest movie release I know what I would prefer (Most of the time anyway) .. and it seems I am not alone in this as a whopping 70% of ladies prefer a night in. Nights out can also prove to be very expensive and although there is lots of fun and excitement to be had hitting the latest clubs there is no reason why a night in has to be a sombre event. Here are some top tips to have the best girls night "IN" ever!

  • Have a pamper session - Dig out the towels and indulge in some DIY spa treatments. Manicures, facials, pedicures... Have fun relaxing and socialising while treating each other to some much needed TLC.
  • Play Games - Games are not just for children. Some of the funniest nights I have ever had included playing games. From the bog standard board games to some truth or dare. Let out your adolescent side and have some fun playing games.
  • Movie Marathons - You can't beat a good movie. Weather it’s a chick flick or a good action movie (purely for the eye candy) All bring a movie and have a movie marathon. You could go from watching Harry Potter to Die hard! Just don't forget the munchies!
  • Theme nights - Why not make a theme for the evening. Maybe you could dig out your leg warmers and hair crimpers and have an eighties night. Just don't forget the music!

There are so many ways to have fun without having to leave the house and a night in is most definitely the new night out! What do you like to do to have fun when staying in? I'd love to hear your girls night in essentials. I have a feeling wine is going to be top of most peoples lists.

*This post is in collaboration with Ladbrokes Bingo

** Survey conducted on over 2000 women in UK


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