Thursday, 21 July 2016

Losing It With Slimming World

Most of you will know that I have been on the weight loss wagon for sometime now. I joined Weight Watchers a few years back and achieved fantastic results, losing 5 stone in total! I needed a break from counting calories and with my work schedule changing it meant I couldn't get to meetings as much as I'd have liked to and with not going I just found my head and heart wasn't in it anymore and it was just a waste of money. So I quit and decided to just take a breather and see how I got on. Now thankfully my weight didn't immediately start piling on but gradually after having about a year off plan I noticed my weight increasing so decided it was time to start making some changes again before I ended up back where I started.

I wanted to try something new so decided to give Slimming World a chance. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Weight Watchers, it was amazing and worked for me but I found myself at a plateau and needing something different. My first meeting went by in a bit of a blur. There was just so much information to take in and I was certain I would forget it all the minute I left the meeting. It all seemed very confusing but never the less I decided to give it my all.

I'm 3 weeks into Slimming World now and have to say I am amazed at what you can actually eat on the plan. I know a lot of people complain about it being restrictive when it comes to treats but it allows for them quite easily and lets face it , every diet plan boils down to simple concepts. Fewer calories, more movement and portion control. It's all about making the right choices. I have lost each week since I started. Granted they are quite small losses in comparison to some people. I have seen people lose in excess of half a stone on their first week! But I am not complaining a loss is a loss and if I am honest I probably wasn't 100 percent committed to the plan the past few weeks. I have followed the plan loosely, not logged any of my food, just kept a mental note and have more than likely gone over my syns allowance each day. So this week I am totally committed to giving it my all and seeing if it shows when I weigh in next week. I am tracking everything I eat so I am aware and accountable, I am upping my water intake dramatically. Water intake has such an impact on your weight loss among various other benefits. I am also making a conscious effort to move more weather it be walking the dog or doing a HIIT home work out, just something that takes me out of my sedentary state even for a short time.

I am feeling very determined to have a great week and look forward to catching up with you all on weigh day and sharing my results. The way I see it you'll only get back what you put in and a little effort goes a long way in helping you achieve you goals.

I'd love to hear from any fellow Slimming World members out there? Or just people who are changing to a more healthier lifestyle in general? Have you made changes to your diet and exercise regime? Get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time..


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