Wednesday, 20 July 2016

My Blogging Gap Year

I am amazed and a little bit mortified that in just a few short weeks it will mark a whole year since my last blog post. At the time I decided to take a few weeks off. Work was getting busier. Those of you that know me know I work for Toys R Us so once the summer comes it's manic then we start gearing up for the Christmas season. (Yes that early!) A few weeks slowly become a month, then two then before I knew it, It was 2016 and I realised I hadn't blogged since the previous year.

So where do I start? How to I jump back into blog land? I am sure there is no sure fire way of getting back into my groove so thought I would start with a quick update on whats been happening to me and mine since we last spoke.

After being single for a long time (and posting about my singleton life often ) I met a lovely guy in October. It was a chance meeting on a night out. It was a girls night and meeting a bloke was never further from my mind than it was that night. But they do say love comes to you when you least expect it right? And that is exactly what happened. The relationship is still going strong. He is such a lovely guy and I have never been so happy than I am with him. True love indeed.

Now for the not so happy news...

Those of you that are regular visitors or know me out side of the virtual world will know the battles we faced as a family with regards to my mum and her health. She had kicked cancers arse more times than I can remember and was gearing up to do it once more. Unfortunately in May this year while she was in theatre having an operation which should have once again freed her from this horrendous life shattering illness, she ran into complications and this resulted in her passing away shortly after. It was the single most traumatic and heart breaking experience of my life and one that I don't think I will ever truly come to terms with. We dropped her off in the morning, said are goodbyes and had no fears of anything going wrong. We knew we would be returning the next day to visit her when she was out of theatre and in recovery. We had been here before, we knew the drill but sadly it just wasn't the case this time. It still feels so raw and I still find myself unable to take in the fact that I will never see her again or hear her voice. I had always assumed the cancer eventually getting the better of her, I think as a family we all did. But to be taken away from us so unexpectedly during an operation which was going to take it away is just something that's hard to accept. I don't want to go into much more details as even writing this now, I find my heart getting heavy and I am struggling to keep my cool and not break down. But I will say this. Through every illness she was a fighter and this proved true to the very end. The surgeons fought for hours upon hours to try and save her and she hung on and fought with everything she had until the next day. Surrounded by her loved ones she passed away.,

When mum was in theatre she was given over 42 pints of blood as well as various other clotting agents. Donating blood is something I always said I would do but when it came down to it I either lost my nerve or didn't bother going. Well last month I put my needle fears aside and donated for the very first time. Forty two people selflessly donated to help keep my mum alive and I couldn't think of a more amazing gift to give. I am already booked in for my next donation and will donate each and
every opportunity I can for as long as I am able.

I do wish I hadn't left it so long before returning to blog land, but I'm back and ready to connect with you all again.

Until next time....

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