Friday, 22 July 2016

Ten Top Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

So with the weather heating up dramatically lately here in the UK, its no surprise that most of us are seriously suffering in the heat. Even as I write this, its past 1am and I just can't sleep because of the hot and humid weather. It's vital that we don't forget that out furry friends are also suffering so here are ten top tips to help your pooch stay cool this summer.

  1. Water - Ok, So this seems like an obvious suggestion but keeping your dog hydrated is vital. Always make sure there is plenty of water readily available to your pooch and if you are going out pop out an extra bowl of water just in case.
  2. Shade - If your pooch spends some or a lot of their time outside make sure they have a shaded area they can retreat to when laying in the rays becomes too much. If you have no naturally shaded spots in your garden then make one using a parasol, gazebo or anything else you have to hand.
  3. Ice Ice Baby - No I'm not talking about the classic Vanilla Ice track we all loved to bust a move to back in the day. Pop a few ice cubes into your dogs water bowl. The water quickly raises in temperature in this heat and the ice cubes will help keep it cooler for longer.
  4. Paddling Pool - You can pick up some inexpensive pools now in many discount and pound stores. These may not be ideal to go swim ten lengths in but are perfect for your pooch to laze around in when they feel the urge to cool off.
  5. Parked Cars - Again it seems like an obvious one but never lock up and leave your dog in the car. You have all seen the horror stories on the news involving not just dogs but babies too! The temperature rises in a car at a ridiculous rate and can have devastating consequences for your dog. If you do come across a dog , try and locate the owner of the vehicle. Failing that call your local RSPCA or police for guidance.
  6. Get The Fan Out - If you don't have the luxury of air conditioning then a simple desktop fan can help cool the air and regulate the dogs temperature.
  7. Maintain Good Grooming - Maintaining your dogs coat and general well being is important no matter the season but it is especially important during the summer when improper grooming can cause your dog to be uncomfortable. Check out your local dog groomer and always check the appropriate grooming for your breed. Most people assume simply shaving the dog will help with the heat but this is it not the case. Dogs need there cost to help regulate their body temperature.
  8. Dawn/Dusk Walks - Try to schedule your dogs walks to early morning or evening times. The temperature will be a lot cooler and there will no risk of your dogs feet getting burnt from the hot pavement.
  9. Cool Cloths - If you find your dog is suffering with heat exhaustion, wrap cloths soaked in cool water over them to help regulate their temperature.
  10. Be Aware Of Hazards - Its not just heat to watch out for this summer. With summer comes plenty of other chemical hazards such as weed killers and insecticides. Always take caution in unknown areas of land.
Whatever you and your pooch get up to this summer make sure you stay safe and have fun!

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  1. Thank you! These tips are worth it to leave them in a prominent place. My golden retriever suffers from heat in the summer. At times, the dog does not even leave the air-conditioned room. I will stick to these points.


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