Wednesday, 26 September 2012

8pm - The Gallery

The Gallery word this week is 8pm, which is fantastic as everyone will have different images of what they are doing at this hour. So I look forward to viewing all the entries.

And here is mine...

Most 8pm's in our home pretty much run the same way. Well that is Monday to Friday anyway. I always let Aalliyah have a little extra time up over the weekend :-)
I think its really important to teach children how to be responsible from a young age, so Aalliyah is responsible for her little night-time "ritual" and making sure she does it herself.

Body cream
"Special" Face cleanser
Teeth Brushed

When she is all squeaky clean, its on to making sure her book bag and P.E kit (if needed) is packed and ready for the morning by the front door. Teaching them to be responsible from a young age helps keep them acting responsible as they grow up. They learn to value their own items and time.

Why not head over to Sticky Fingers and have fun viewing all the entries and then why not add your own?


  1. Great poist and a fantastic picture.

    Herding Cats

  2. what a happy photo and I very much agree with your post!


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