Friday, 21 September 2012

Autumn Is Upon Us

Well it is official! No more blazing sunny says, perfect for barbecuing and getting the swimming pool out. Although we still have some beautiful sun, the air is so much colder and we are definitely on the path to Christmas.But that's still a while off yet so I will enjoy the Autumn months while I can. Aalliyah is very exited about Halloween as she is every year. We both love the Autumn time, summers over but not too cold to still enjoy a beautiful sunny stroll somewhere :-) So with that in mind Aalliyah decided to write a little poem all about... You guessed it Autumn! Only a little verse, but I loved it!

The sun is out, but it's still quite chilly.
I'm sitting on the ground watching a dying lilly.
I'm walking on leaves, so crispy and brown,
Scattered around all over the town.
Soon it will be Halloween.
Then it's time to hear the fireworks scream!

By Aalliyah Asante

What are your favourite things about Autumn? My top three have to be 1) The colours (Trees/leaves) 2) The fashion (All the knitwear and boots that come out) 3) Food! (Yummy comfort food to enjoy with your slippers on)


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