Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Alton Towers

OK, So almost all of us have been here some time in our lives. We went a few years back, but before then I hadn't been since I was 16! Yes I know.. Far too many years to mention ;-) Although I am not a massive thrill seeker, I do enjoy Alton Towers. There is something for everyone, and If the thought of loop the loop and race car speeds scare you, then you can always enjoy the tea-cups. Aalliyah is not a fan of "scary" rides and at the time of going was only 6 years old, so her choice of rides were limited to the younger section of the park, which in comparison to other parks aimed at younger children was not very good. Luckily for me, I also had my mum, niece and nephew along for the day, so mum was on hand to enjoy the "calmer" rides with Aalliyah, while "Auntie" enjoyed some thrill rides with the kids. (Who turned out to be more fearless than me). If you are a fan of the "fear" then there is no question you will enjoy Alton Towers. You have the popular main thrill rides such as The Oblivion, Rita, Nemesis, Ripsaw and Air amongst many others. For younger fun you have a smaller selection including The twirling toadstool swings (which even scare me senseless lol) , The Frog Hopper and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory - The ride. There are plenty of places to eat around the park, but as you can imagine the prices are quite steep. All in all it is a good day out for the family, maybe a bit wasted on the younger ones :-)

If you fancy some thrill seeking, click the link below to be taken to the official Alton Towers booking page.

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