Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Making Plans

Ok, So the summer holidays are finally here! I have been waiting for them with such excitement for so long. I absolutely love all the school holidays and half terms. I genuinely enjoy spending every minute with Aalliyah. We have so much fun together you would think that we were best friends (minus the age gap) But even with all the excitement, I can't help feeling those pangs of dread. I'm anxious that I will not be able to organize many good things over the holidays. I worry that my limited budget will leave me with very few things to do and fear that the 6 weeks will fly by and we will have very few memories to show for it. So today I started mentally planning things we could do, even if it was one or two things a week, to ensure that Aalliyah would go back to school in September knowing she had an enjoyable summer. So far our plans include a day trip to Gullivers land and a few nights away in Blackpool, with lots of cinema, swimming and picnics days in between. 

What have you got planned for the summer? Anything nice? 

If you are stuck for inspiration or want to find out how you can have lots of summer fun on a budget then check out my Top ten of things to do this summer by clicking here


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