Sunday, 21 July 2013

We've Joined The Hygiene Revolution

So.. Our household had joined the hygiene revolution. But what exactly is it? I hear you say. Well the hygiene revolution has been formed from all other claims made by other brands in the cleaning and hygiene market.
I was given a bottle of anti-bacterial surface cleaner to try out. The difference between this and any other leading spray cleaner is that this contains "Byotrol technology". With this technology these products are believed to be the only products on the market that can kill and continue to protect against germ for up to 24 hours.

Most products kill germs on contact but Byotrol technology ensures that your surfaces stay protected by creating a barrier which remains even after drying and prevents any further germs from settling again for up to 24 hours. This is amazing when most cleaners only protect against germs for less than half a minute after drying.

I'm a busy mum with a daughter who loves to get hands on in everything she does, whether its painting a picture, baking biscuits or digging in the mud for hidden treasure bottle tops, so a good cleaner that guarantees protection from germs is a must! I have found this with the hygiene revolution.
Look out for the Byotrol symbol on your products to ensure only the best protection for your family.

Want to learn more about Byotrol technology or join the hygiene revolution yourself? Head over to their Facebook page by clicking here.


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