Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Summer Holiday Essentials

It's that time of year where most of us are packing our bags and jetting of to a far away land of sun, sea and sand. Sadly for me this years holiday is not going to stretch much further than the good old English beaches, but for the rest of you lucky lot I have come up with a top ten of your holiday essentials from T-Shirts to Tea bags. Now you might be looking at some of them and thinking "Well obviously!" but you would be surprised at some of the simple things us Brits forget to pack.

  1. Luggage - OK,so before anything else, the first thing you need is luggage. The type of luggage you need will depend on where you are going. Are you traveling with someone? or children? Then you will need a fair sized suitcase for all your things. Going on a short city break then check out the smaller sized cabin suitcase ranges available.
  2. Clothing - Yes I'm talking about your T-shirts, shorts and what ever else you plan to wear out and about on your holidays. It's all very well to get the sexy swimsuit and designer sandals sorted but when it comes to walking around town or going out for dinner your bikini just wont cut it. Don't forget the wardrobe essentials!
  3. Swimwear - Most guys will just pick out any old pair of trunks and be done with it. But for us ladies picking the perfect swimsuit takes time, planning and lots of prototypes! We take this kind of thing seriously. After all this is the thing that we have been dieting for , this is the single most important item of clothing in the suitcase and the reason we have been doing early morning sit ups religiously for. We can all look decent enough in a pair of linen shorts and a cute T-shirt, but when it comes to the swimsuit we have to look "bellissimo".Lucky for us ladies we are inundated with women's swimwear designs so you are sure to find one that's perfect for you.
  4. Cables/Leads/Chargers - Nearly all of us will take some sort of gadget with us on holiday and with the iPods, Kindle's, Smart phone's, digital cameras and camcorders taken away with us it's not surprising that many of us will forget the necessary chargers needed to use them. Don't forget your chargers and if needed an adapter for your plug dependent on the country you are visiting.
  5. Toiletries - Forgetting your essential toiletries on holiday can be as bad as forgetting your clothes. After all imagine having to go for week without your shampoo and skin cream. Granted we could get some toiletries at the hotel but us ladies know how naked we feel without our favorite perfume on. Get yourself a toiletry bag and fill that baby right up. You can never take too many toiletries.
  6. A Good Book - Delays are inevitable when travelling. Even if travel plans go smoothly there will be some point in your journey that you will be waiting around whether its waiting to check in or even on a long plane journey a good book or even a couple of your favorite glossy magazines are a must. Beat the boredom and pass the time a little quicker by getting lost in some literature even if it is from "Vogue".
  7. Protection - No, I'm not talking about the rubber kind (although if you are single and looking to mingle then go for it) I'm talking about UV protection. Too many people get ill from not taking the necessary precautions in the heat, so remember your sun cream, hats and your sun shades. Enjoy the sun as much as you like after all that's why we go, but stay safe and sensible in the sun.
  8. A Good Brew - Chances are that when you are away you will have to endure some not so pleasant local teas and coffees. So if like me you know what you like (in my case a good strong mug of Yorkshire tea) then don't forget to pop a few tea bags in your case or if coffee is your thing put some into a zip lock bag and tuck it away. I personally can't start the day without my brew and I would never go abroad without taking some...just in case.
  9. Sensible Shoes - While we have so much fun purchasing our sexy sandals we just now are going to look so hot against our tanned feet on the beach chances are you are going to be doing much more walking than you would at home. Even strolling along the beach is bound to clock up those miles. If you know you are going to be going sightseeing or maybe visiting some nearby towns then comfortable footwear is a must! Don't let painful blisters ruin your day and cut your walks short. Try out your footwear before you by them. Can you imagine walking all day in them?
  10. First Aid Kit - You don't have to rush out to the nearest chemist and purchase an expensive first aid kit. Get yourself a cheap toiletry bag and fill with the first aid essentials should you have any minor injuries  Make sure you have some plasters, insect repellent, bite/sting cream, painkillers, diarrhea remedies and some antihistamines. Chances are your wont need to use any but if you get in any trouble at least you have it to hand. Also you could be charged an obscene amount of money for emergency treatment/medicines, even if it was just Piriton!
So there you have it, my own top ten holiday essentials. Yes I could have easily wrote a top 100 as the list is endless when you start thinking of what to bring on holiday but with these things you are sure to have a safe and worry free holiday! With so many places online now, its easy to snap up some last minute bargains for your holiday. Take a look on Littlewoods online and check our their range of everything you need for a perfect summer vacation.

Are you going away this year? I'd love to know where you are going? What do you pack and more to the point what do you always forget?


  1. well im going away and i thought that was a great help ty xx

  2. Life is really so complicated and no times for each other but only holiday is a thing where you spend some time or also give your precious time with your family,friends or your love one...Holiday can play a great role in everyone life,it's really essential for all of us..!!

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